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Question 4 The Snow Button

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hey guys

can someone tell me wat does the snow button do???????

i tried drivin wif it on~ but it doesn't seem to hav any effect except from slowin me down when i take the corner~

so can someone please tell me wat is it suppose to do?


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its nto meant to slow you down to take a corner

it just changes the throttle position sensor so that when you kick down, the revs come up slower. Therefore you dont break traction off the line.. (off snow)

slow down to take a corner... thats a first..

what did you think it would do by that comment?

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Its wicked. It got me off the Snow and ice a few weeks back. The Altezza is such a great car for taking to the Mountain. Its not like the normal TRC where it cuts the power when loss of traction occurs. It gives you power but not much.

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