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I Have Returned


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Hey you lot...

Just lettin ya all know I'm back online as of now-I apologise for not returning anyones msgs until now but Ive been in the throws of moving house and have just had my cable activated today-so have been without net,and the club for the last few days.

Back into it now,sounds like Keith is a few steps ahead of me already!Nice one guys,look forward to catching up soon,

Keith-gimme a pm when ya free,ya?


Gav B)

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Housewarming forthcomin.... djs,bar staff already sorted-gunna be a big one!

Just date tbc,due to my work schedule.

Think ya can make it aristo?Jacuzzi will be hot,just dunno how much room there may be after all the scantily clad young women get in....I love my job! B)

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yup sounds too good!! if theres no more room i guess i can always watch :P

unfortunetly due to the NZ road nazis giving me to many points to increase their revenue so they can make our roads safer :angry: i will be getting dropped off ,still means i can have a drink..i am actually a much nicer guy after a couple ...i am really. :lol:

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