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Hi everyone,

I wanted to find out what the best place is to service your car is?

My 40K service will be due in soon and apart from getting it serviced from Lexus of Blackburn themselves, is there any other places that do a good job for a reaonable price?

As a matter of fact, what is the rough cost of the service for the car?


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A clarification question, just so you can obtain accurate answers from others ...

Servicing is normally performed every 15,000 km or 12 months, whichever is the earlier.

By requesting a service at 40,000 km, I assume it's been nearly 12 months since the 2-year or 30,000 km service?

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I would think your car is still under warranty so it is best to get it done through a Lexus dealer. You can have it serviced at a Toyota dealer but this means you may void your warranty should any mechanical issues arise.


Personally, I used to take mine to Lexus of Melbourne but have since switched to Lexus of Blackburn because they are not only cheaper but offers a far better serviced.

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i've just dropped off my IS250 to Lexus of Brighton (where I purchased the car) for a 45,000km service.

Lexus of Blackburn actually appears to be the most price competitive when it comes to servicing costs. According to the fixed price service, a 45,000km service for the IS250 is listed at $585.

Lexus of Brighton had my service listed at $680 on the service sheet.

I've visited Melbourne City Lexus to purchase parts (spoiler and wheels) and have found them to be great in service.

I haven't had any personal experience with Lexus of Blackburn.

Lexus of Brighton have always been good but do appear to be the most expensive in service costs.

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