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Lexus Is200 Coil Pack

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hi all,

i am looking for a lexus is200 coil pack does anyone have one for sale or no of som where i can get one ASAP!!!! also am i rite in sayin the lexus is200 coil packs are the exact same as the coil packs found in toyota rav4 and toyota camry 2000-2004 models??

feed back on this ASAP would b sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

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i assume you need a replacement coil/igniter pack. fairly unreliable units! cost $270 ea new from toyota

I have 5 left from my old 1g motor (my car now has the 3sge). all are good. $50 ea plus postage.

fyi the 2az ones are different. the 1g one also fits the 3uz v8....


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i have 4 left.

$50 each, plus postage (if required) where in vic are you?? i'm S/E suburbs

Toby 0437 66 55 18

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