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Hi guys,

Would like to install the Varex on my IS 250 but im concerned about the following issues:

1) if it's in CLOSED mode, will the muffler sound as quiet as stock?

2) Apart from the installation of the Varex parts, I need to figure out how to wire it to the electric source to support the Varex valve.

On the otherside,

3) do you know where you can get the best prices in Sydney? How much did you get yours done?

4) Are you enjoying it still after installed?

Thanks heaps all Lexus lovers! :)


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I looked into this from liverpool exhaust fully installed. Didint go as far as price as i ha an awesome greddy on the car but if cash allows in the future i would seriously consider it.

But note. Its hard for the authorities to tell but if they do pick it its a defect. Nsw ( at least ) does not allow any moving parts in the exhaust system.

If you go ahead with it i would be very interested in meeting up with you to check it out.

The guys at liverpool exhaust are very helpfull and will tell you the truth about anything you want to know. Probably becuase an exhaust note doesnt lie so they are strait up and are very helpfull.

From memmory the varex is pretty good cost wise as well. But i dont know what sort of tone you will get. Give them a call.

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Visited this muffler mech in Sutherland on Sat and he checked out IS250 rear end and told me it's gonna be a hassle to put Varex on because:

1) Lexus's exhaust are oval shape and the actual exists are aligned to the sides, rather than centre aligned. All Varex's are centre aligned

2) u can still get the centre aligned Varex but will have to mod the bumper (i.e. cut larger hole or re-fabricating it)

so the conclusion was being too much trouble going through all these, hence not worth modding the exhaust.

:S with loads of disappointment

***maybe worth check out another mechy later on and confirm what this guy said is 100%.

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I've got an APEXi ECV (manual version) if anyone is interested. 90mm version. ~11dB difference between fully open/closed on a 3.5" straight through exhaust system.

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