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I have ordered a Lexus IS350 in February this year and originally I was told the delivery will be on may 30th. But after the earthquake it was changed to 30 june. I called in this morning to confirm this and they weren't sure and said they will get back to me. Does any one know the situation of lexus deliveries specifically IS350s to Australia?

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Not sure which dealer you ordered from. I ordered mine end of Feb a F Sport IS350 blue come with moonroof and I was told I can have it in end of March 2011 but I choose to have it mid April 2011. I was last told in last April the IS350 stock is running low and the next shipment will be June 2011, but not too sure now.

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What are they doing about the possibility of radiation???

Radiation on imported Japanese cards is generally not expected to be a risk:


Having said that, there was a report last month of radiation found on some Japanese cars imported to Chile. It appears that the cars were hosed down on the ship, then allowed to be delivered.

If one was still paranoid, they should drive their new IS 350 to the front lawn of someone they don't like, hose it down there, then drive away satisfied. :lol:

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