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Auto To Manual Or Auto Turbo?

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I have done quite a few mods on my IS 200 now including:

2.5"exhaust cat back including hi flow cat

N1 tip

Apexi SAFC II and dyno'd

Trust air induction kit

The performance has improved drastically but now i have the taste for it i want more!

So, currently i have an auto transmission, and i am thinking that if it was 6 speed with quick shift it would be so much nicer and faster. How difficult and expensive would this be to do? Am i just kidding myself here?

I am also contemplating turbo but that is going to be like AU 8K to do properly. To me it just seems wierd to have a turbo auto thats all.



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hey matt

I Have looked at a manual conversion,can get all the bits including speedo for $2,500(nz) thats if I trade all my auto bits..would recomend it espesialy if you plan on turboin it as it will be much easier to get around the pain in but AutoECU problem.


ps: Just drop a supra donk & box in it

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