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Standard Springs Is200

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Hey Guys!

Im new here. Im In SYDNEY.

Had my is200 for just over 1 year.

And on the weekend The Police decided that they would ruin my weekend away with a Defect notice.

Verticle Ride Height. (the distance from centre of wheel hub to bottom of guard)

I am now on the search for some STANDARD SPRINGS. that i can put into my car as i cbf getting another defect notice.

I cant find anywhere that has Stock Height Springs only Lowered by 25mm or more.

These will not pass the notice if they are installed as the minimum verticle ride height can be is:

FRONT: 369mm REAR: 386


Doesnt leave me much to work with.

any suggestions or people with stock springs taking up space in their garage please let me know

Thanks Heaps!

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That's a crazy difference between legal and stock. After 10 years the stock springs would have settled probably 6mm anyway.

I have a set of stock springs in the shed (removed from struts) I can lend you but I'd want them back after you've passed roadworthy,

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I have a set of is200 2001 sports luxury springs if your still needing them,

Contact me if your still interested,

Best Regards


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