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Re-Tensioning Ls400 Retracting Seat Belts

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Does anyone know whether it is possible to re-tension the retracting seat belts in an LS400? My seat belts struggle to retract,

TIA .... Greg

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Been a mechanic for many years and I've never heard of retensioning a retracting seat belt. But that may just be because i've never had to or heard of any one else doing it. Mine is also a little lazy but I've found that the swiveling bevel at the selt belt return entry into your B pillar some times sticks and inhibits it's retraction. Other than that, it's a new belt I feel. Had a look and listing is $150 did a parts number inquiry in the site I use and it didn't come up. But even if that was American dollar, pretty reasonable for a new belt. Hope this helps!


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Thanks Simon;

there's a procedure on the American forum here

At same forum I remember there's a difference between pre-95 and post-96 LS400s in that older cars (I think) use motors on the retractors whereas newer cars use a solenoid. As I understand it,when the seat belts are not plugged in, there's power to the solenoid which has the effect of engaging a high tension retraction spring. When the seat belt is plugged in, the circuit is broken, the solenoid drops out, and a low tension spring acts on the retractor. So a possible cause is that the solenoid is not receiving power when the seatbelt is unlatched, the solenoid has magnetic inertia and thus is not activated when power is applied, or the mechanical retractor assembly is gunked up. I haven't had time to pull my car apart but unless I am advised otherwise, this is what I propose to check out

TIA ... Greg

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So it can be done!!

Nice way of saving a buck, but just remember it is a primary safety device and the last thing you need in an accident is a belt that doesn't work properly!!

If you have a go, let me know how you get on, and I may consider winding my spring too. Ha ha.

Good luck


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