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Suitable Wheel Size For The Is250

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hey guys,

Im looking into getting some wheels for my car.

I came across a set of wheel, but not sure if it would fit so here are the specs;

Rim specs

size - 19inch

width - 9.5 inch

offset - +45



What is the max rim spec the IS could take without rubbing or guard rolling? Any opinions or experiences?


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my work wheels were custom made to fit the IS by a guy in the US who imports from work japan..

no scrub at all except when the car is ridiculously low but solved by guard rolling.

work 19X9 +28mm offset R disk (to go over 350 brakes) AND 19X9.5 +35mm offset O disk.


contact mark for a custom setup for how ever you want to run.

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So what specs are you looking at for not needing to roll the guards or modify? Ie Rim Size - 18's, what off sets and tyre size are standard or are as big as you can go? Any help or advice or even links would be great

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@Atlantis Hey quick question, is your car lowered, if so how much?

Looking at these rims currently, whats the go with the TMPS? Just in us cars or in aus, i have a 2008 IS250 so. Also anyone else bought off tirerack? whats yours opinions on them or is there a better place in aus?



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My suggestions are for an IS with standard suspension without lowering. I haven't lowered mine, so take that into mind if you plan on installing similar sizes onto a lowered vehicle.


Those wheels should have no problem at all fitting onto an IS, even a lowered one. Width and offsets are excellent.

Is your IS a Prestige or SL?

Does the SL even support TMPS?

If it's a Prestige, zero worries as it doesn't use TMPS.

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Ah ok then well that makes sense, yeah i will do.

Ok then, I am looking for those style of rims, will shop around and see if I can get any info on the quality of the rims and website.

Its just a prestige.

To be honest i have no idea about this TMPS so.

Ok then, should I have started a new thread for asking these kind of questions or?

Don't want to step on any toes or 'crap' up other peoples threads, kind of new to this whole forumn thing. thanks for your help Atlantis

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is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

the name basically describes what it does

i know any of the IS250's in australia came with it

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