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Friday Night Wars!

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Very quiet forum. Don't worry folks, I now know how to adjust my brake cable. And what the ECT is... and etc, etc!

Well... I have had me Soarer TT for the past 6 months and I think its time I take it out to the drags. Lets see what my stock car can do against the commoners!

My guess is that it will be the only soarer there... perhaps ever. YAY!

Friday the 18th of Feb. That night's my night! :gav:

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Didn't make it on the night for a number of good reasons.

Most important one was that I was sick in bed with a stomach bug. Honest! :rolleyes:

Anyway. I'll try again for the 4th of March and post my results when the time comes.

I've been practising my launch. Getting good results from revving it to 3000-4000rpm while holding down the brakes. (I have auto trans) Then releasing the brake stabbing the accelerator at the same time.


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Will I did it... and it was good fun :lol:

Now I went the 11th of March (the Friday just gone). I know it was a month after my last post but I had my reasons. Good ones....

My best time is 15.86 sec at 138kph.

Now I don't know how good that is. Me Soarer is pretty much stock, except for a cold air box and 2 way LSD. And the only weight reduction was to remove the spare wheel.

But I did notice that the car is heavy and the transmission can be an arse when its shifting through gears. But I'll do some experiments with my launch and gear shifting (if necessary).

How I did it was to hold the brakes down, preventing the car from moving and revving the engine to 3000 or so rpm. And then when the lights are green, stabbing on the accelerator and releasing the brakes. This is a common technique with autos.

Wee heee! Good fun!


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I such good fun last time that I took my car into the NIXCREW ANNUAL CHARITY DRAGS on the 3rd of April and had another smashing time.

My best time is now 14.79 secs at 151.86. In a stock Soarer TT

Weight reductions were only removing the spare tyre.

And some slight adjustments to the transmission line presure.

Perfomance car TV was there, so I'm hoping that I'm on the tele on the mag. But I doubt it as they follow the boring common cars.

Sweet as! :D

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