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I have been very interested in getting an iPod integration unit in my '08 MY09 IS250 - from what I have gathered (from this and other forums) most lexus owners who have integrated have used the Vais Soundlinq SL2i, but i have also come across the GROM unit too. I understand that Vais is designed specifically for lexus and toyota, but from what I can tell the GROM unit does almost exactly the same thing - at around $100 cheaper. Has anyone had any experience/advice with either that they are willing to share? Thanks.

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Hi, I just bought a VAIS unit from the US on ebay, link below for $230-240 delivered depending on the exchange rate and have been quoted $150 to have it installed. I know Lexus have been quoting anything from around $680 so just wanted to let you know you can buy it cheaper yourself. Some have even installed themselves, I'm definitely not willing to give it a go! Cheers.


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I rang Lexus about this a while ago, they actually outsource the job to a guy who comes around in his van.. I was quoted around $700 for that. I'm happy to do the install myself (apparently not too difficult, you might want to think about it - i know a few members on here could give you some good advice). So my only problem is whether to use the Vais product (~$200) or the GROM unit (~$130). I want to know if there is in fact any appreciable difference between the two, if there is so far I can't find it.

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I installed a GROM in my IS300 a couple of years ago.

Installation (basically a plug and play) and connectivity was easy.

Not sure if there would be any differences for a IS250?

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Found an official dealer of VAIS tech on advancedice. The Multimedia linq (VML) cost $399. In official US Vaistech web it sells for $264 Including HDD cable. Expecially during this time AUD is stronger than USD, this is quite a bargain.

The advancedice website says that their AUS models are specially tailored for Australian model Toyota/Lexus.

Just wondering if there is any difference in US and AUS model, or any incompatibility with local AUS cars.


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