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Show Off Your Ct200H!


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  • 5 weeks later...

Hard to tell at only 125km! it started at 99.9L/100KM when I got in (the car had only done 5km), and it kept dropping the more I drove. It's currently at 7.1L/100km and still going down.

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LOL 99.9?

Yep! it keeps dropping. here it is at 5km:


It's currently at 6.6L/100km and we're coming up to 1/4 tank used after about 200km.

Congrats guys.

xelfer the Mercury grey is a new colour, great choice.

Thanks! we loved how it looked so grabbed the one off the showroom floor. 3 days from decision to taking delivery :D

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That's a great photo of it you're using.

thanks! i took it to my brothers studio as soon as I got it, I wanted to take photos while it was fresh :D

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