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Hud Display

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Hi, can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase and install HUD from a lexus dealer?how much will it cost if its available. Ive got a 2010 RX prestige. Thanks

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G'day Nazerine - welcome to the club.

As nobodys answered, I guess nobody knows the answer. Why don't you ask your Lexus dealer, and report back here on what they say?

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I don't think it would be cheap. From memory, the HUD "projector" sits in a little hole in the dash and beams onto the windscreen. I think that alone would mean a different dash-top but i could be wrong.

I pick up my RX350 this week and it has HUD, so i'll take a look.



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Hi Scott, thats for your reply. Can you please have a look for me. Mine is a 2010 prestige model RX. It should have the same dashtop. If theres one' how much does it cost? Is there a retrofitted ones? Thanks


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Naz, I will do. In regard to which parts you specifically need, I think you'll need to ring spart parts at a Lexus dealer and ask them. Oviously you'll need the projector that beams the image, plus you might need a different piece of plastic housing to seat the projector in the dash. Im fairly certain the wiring will already be there to integrate the HUD into the system, but you may well require the dealer to do a quick programming change to tell your vehicle that it now has a HUD.

You're in luck in regard to the glass, cars like the BMW X5 have a piece of plastic film glued onto the windscreen in order to create the optical illusion that the HUD display is sitting over your bonnet outside the car. I read that the Lexus engineers got the HUD working with the natural curvature of the windscreen to create the same effect. :mellow:

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