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Hi, I am just wondering if I can get some advice.

I love the look of the Lexus and basically am looking at buying it for the look alone.

The only issue is that I only have 31,000 to spend. I guess I am also asking whether you think a lexus will survive for 10 years and what I could realisitically get for 31,000. My partner thinks it maybe too much to be spending on a car and wants to go the safe option instead.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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31000 will get you sumthinng nice

a few early models 06-07 can be had for under 30K easy

a few can be picked up for 23-24K but it will be hard to find a car with EMV pack (Satnav+sunroof) at that price

spending around 26-28 will get you a car IS250 with the right gear and the right km;s

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