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How Hard Is It To Change A Fuel Filter Is250 2006?

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just got quoted $890 for a 70,000km sevice because this includes fuel filter replacement, (i belive they're around $130 mark) and the only fuilds changed is the oil + filter the rest is checking parts.

melbourne city lexus

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Hmmmm My IS250 is due for a fuel filter change soon.

What are the prices for fuel filter changes alone in dealers around Melbourne?

I have yet to enquire with my usual dealer, Lexus Brighton.

Oh, yeah, here's a handy link to a DIY to those of you guys who like DIY :)

Rung around a few places for prices today for the fuel filter itself:

1) LEXUS Brighton wanted $117.20

2) Burson $90 for a RYCO Z682

3) Repco $140 for a RYCO Z682

4) this site quoted $58.18 with $6.60 delivery for a RYCO Z682

Called up Lexus Brighton and got the following for labour:

  • duration: about 1.5 hours
  • $240 for labour itself

So, it's about $360 for lexus to do it. Might just send the car there and have them do it with genuine parts :)

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Holy Crap thats exy.

Should try to change the fuel filter urself and let them change the oil n oil filter for log book stuff.

wow 240 for labour lol...rather get some madcore springs

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Just bringing up a old thread...

Trying to save cost's where I can (getting hitched next year) - going to do the 75K service myself or take the parts to a local mechanic get it logged booked.

Dropped by Lexus Melbourne City today and picked up a Fuel Filter (LX-2330031140) for $120.93 & Oil Filter (LX-0415231080) for $24.89 inc GST

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