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Steering Wheel Off Centre After A Bump

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Hi everyone, I recently picked up a Rx330. Great car.

Unfortunately I got into a little accident :( I was pulling away from the curb when this Tribeca sped up and clipped my drivers side mirror and front bumper. Since I was turning my steering was turned about a turn to the right. After hearing the clipping I didn't change the steering wheel position and just reversed back, then turned off my engine.

After surveying the damage, I found that there was barely a couple of faint scratches on my car.

However after swapping details and leaving, I found that my steering wheel is now off centre by ~ 20 degrees to the right.

When I drive staright it does not pull nor deviate, but it's a bit alarming to have it this far off.

What could be causing this? Is there anything I can do to fix this without going to a mechanic? Cheers

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It sounds like the front wheel has taken a hit and either bent a steering arm or at least upset the wheel alignment. Get the vehicle up on a hoist (or over a pit) to check the suspension then have the wheel alignment sorted.

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