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Later Model Mirrors With Blinkers For Earlier Model Is250

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This would certainly be a nice (and desirable) modification. I would be very interested to see it done.

I do howver, think it will be an almost imposible task.

To date, bearing upon our experiences with the auto folding mirror kits, we know there are three styles of wirings to the mirrors in the IS250 range that would firstly have to be understood.

Additionally, the turning indicator signals are not presently in the doors so the wires would need to be sourced and supplied into the doors.

I think also, the mirrors you speak about have the capability to dip down for gutter monitoring when reversing. These are more signal wires to be sourced and provided.


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The mirrors fitted with indicator lights are standard from the 2009 manufacturing year onwards. One of two types are fitted, based on the luxury grade: ones that include puddle lamps and indicator lights, as well as auto-dimming and auto-tilting when in reverse; and ones that don't have the auto-dimming and auto-tilt feature.

According to Sewell Parts, both types can be fitted to older IS250 vehicles, as can be seen here:



How this can be done is uncertain: as Ashpoint suggested, the mirror would need to receive a signal for the indicator status, and it's unclear where within the old IS the new mirror's wiring harness would need to plug into in order to get that signal. Nonetheless, I have been told by Club members that it's possible.

Also, it's not clear whether the ECU and wiring in a Prestige model IS would provide the means to activate the auto-dimming and auto-tilt features in the more expensive version of the mirror. It may be worth contacting Sewell Parts to find out.

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