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2011 Is350 F Sport Speedo Needle Stuck?

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Hey guys..

Noticed today when travelling in a 60 zone that the speedo seemed to be indicating faster than I thought I was going. Whenever I stop, the needle drops and stops at 10km/h - it doesn't return to 0km/h when stationary.

I'm guessing I'm not out by 10km/h at all speeds - for example if my speedo indicated I'm doing 60, I'm really doing 50.

Tried turning the car off and starting it again, still stays on 10km/h.


Photo was taken with the car running, in Park position.

Video also of the start-up:

Any ideas on how this could have happened? Nothing out of the ordinary has happened - haven't ever hit anything (kerbs/potholes), has only ever seen 'sensible' driving... Nothing I can think of that could effect this?

Could this be rectified electronically without taking things apart?

Will go to the dealer on Monday - just a bit puzzled as to why it's happened...?

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Was yours an intermittant problem or once it happened was it constantly like it?

Mine is back to normal today??

Not keen on having the cluster removed again as its taken 3 re-visits to the dealer to get it to stop rattling already!

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