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How To Change Rear License Globes Is250

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The manual says to "see the dealer" to replace these globes (rear license plate globes). Is it that hard to do it yourself?

Anyone seen a HowTo in a forum or in UTube?

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"see dealer" because they are factory leds and desgined to last the life of the car pretty much....if something does go wrong must be warranty issue and very rare....

whats wrong with your ones?

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Thanks Zed for the response.

I purchased a "kit" of LED globes and set about installing them in my IS250. The reversing lights were an easy (well, moderately easy) replacement - and I looked at the license plate globes as my next target!

I was puzzled even how the dealer is supposed to service them - it looks like a panel beatng job to me.

Ah well, I'll be leaving them alone then.

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Thank you Manny.

Now there's a good word. Garnish: to provide or supply with something ornamental; adorn, decorate

I looked at the construction of the boot lid and it looks like the garnish is the base of the license plate recess.

Thanks for the information - I'm going to leave it well alone.

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As a general observation, I have been surprised how very "tight" the car is. Getting access to some of the globes (I believe) takes more than a passing hobby capability and a modest amount of bravery.

As anotrher example, when I did my first installation of the folding mirror kit (see another thread), the first step was to "remove the door trim." Well, I was really concerned how much force I had to exert to get the trim off the door. I certainly thought I would be cracking the plastic. (Now given that I know where the clips are, I can whip the liner off real easily!)

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Let me rest everrybdy's concern - I am not going to change the lcense plate globes! That doesn't mean I'm going to contain my curiosity.

I looked at my car and can't see any "garnish." The lamps seem to be captive by the outer skin of the boot lid, so the garnish must be part of the boot lid!

As I see it, the outer skin of the boot lid seems to be in two parts - the upper and the lower skins with the break being between the horixontal and the vertical bits. To my primitive examination, it seems that changing the globrd will be a job for a panel beater and require the lower skin of the lounge to be remover!

If someoe has access to any workshop manuals I would LOVE to see a page showing how the bood lid is constructed.

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