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So. Ive done quite a few aftermarket stereos in my time. BUT. Can anyone with a service manual or any general knowledge tell me why the SUB woofer in my 250 has 4 wires going to it without removing the whole sub to inspect its bulild construction (im adding an additional sub and AMP not changing the oem)?

From what i can see but cant be sure is... its just for the excessive current and they have been paralleled up.

So.... who knows what???

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well what do ya know. a little more research and suprise suprise i found an answer.


Hey, I actually added an amp for an extra sub on my old 2008 IS250 and know what colors are what.

Assuming the 2006 is the same, and that you have the regular Sound System, the colors you are looking for are:

Channel 1 = Brown (+) & Green (-)

Channel 2 = Pink (+) & Light Blue (-)

As you can see, the Sub has actually two channels (it is a dual-coil subwoofer) running at 2 Ohms each channel.

You MUST tap on both channels to keep balance on the load, otherwise, your stock sub will die rather quick, same thing with the amp.

Because both channels use the same signal (basically two mono channels) you can combine them if you have a one channel mono amp for your setup. Otherwise, just use each channel separately.

I am now waiting for a free time on a weekend to repeat the setup for my new 2011 IS350… I just hope the colors are the same…


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I had my system professionally installed by FHRX and they've tapped into brown and green wires to run a line out converter.

I've attached pics to look at if that helps. You'll need to zoom in. Sorry but its the only pic i have and as i no longer have the car i can't take a better one lol......


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i see how does a dual core sub function? from rear shelf seem like there are two openings for speakers on the top? interesting stuff, sorry for all the dumb Qs

there is only one speaker under the vents on the parcel shelf and its the sub.

this is dual voice coil explained. have a google search there is heaps explaining it


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one more Q, our cars have 13 or 14 speakers depending on ML system or not. Does anyone know the location of all these? ( i have standard sound)



There is three on each door. And a sub woofer on parcel shelf. I think the 14th in the ML is in the dash as a centre speaker. Non ML doesnt have a centre speaker on the dash.

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