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Ecu Replacement And Perth Mechanics

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Just been quoted $1100 plus to replace the PCS ECU (2006 IS250 Sports Luxury) . Car only done 38000km but outside of warranty period and been told it wont be covered by Lexus factory at all. Suggestions on where I can get one? Also, can anyone suggest any good independent brake shops in Perth familiar with Lexus.

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I'd write a nice letter to LexusAustralia and ask them to come to the party. With only 38k on the clock they should at least give you a substantial discount.

I get my car serviced at Del's Autos in North Perth. They're not fancy but they are very honest. If they can't do the job they'll tell you up front and not waste your time and money.

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I would definitely try a chat to the service manager of your dealer first then if needed a letter or email to Lexus Australia. Won't cost to try.

The car is 6 years old & somewhere around 2 years out of warranty so it won't be fully covered but maybe you can ask for shared costs.

See if they supply parts & you'll pay labor.

thats my tip

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