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Advanced Driver Training


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Hi All,

I just upgraded my Is250 for an F ( pick up Thursday / Friday hopefully) .

Was wondering where would be a good place to start on Advanced driver training. I am not looking for just a 1 day event but rather a program that teaches you how to handle the car properly and get the best out of it .

Any suggestions would be great.



I am in North Shore Sydney

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I am also on the North Shore, enjoy your F. I can recommend the Events o'Neil Burrows drive days at Eastern Creek. Look them up on the internet. A lot of fun in a safe environment with race drivers who will spend as much time with you in the car as you want throughout the day. Since it is non-timed 'driver training' some insurance companies will cover you for the day but need to check with them.



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Look at the Ian luff driver training, I'm doing the 2nd stage tomoz, where it covers understeer/ oversteer, and how to control the car correctly, then he has a stage 3 with a intro to the race track (i think) .

Pricing is around the $295, and should be approved by your insurance for a discount.


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