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So I was reading that the new GS350 has the ability to blip on the down shifts and that the shifts are much faster (does it hold gears? or is it a stupid ass gear limiter thing that we have, which is the most stupid thing to man kind). Given that these two are running essentially the same engine and gear box, I was wondering if anyone knows if this would be something possible to have put on our old machines.

I've spoken to my tuner a bit about the topic and he says it is likely to be possible if there is a separate gearbox ecu. Does anyone know if the ECU is a all in one unit? Or is it separated out to engine, gearbox, mainframe. Or a combination of anything.

I know this is a massive wanky thing to have. But this is something wanky that i want :)

Why? Well the other day I was on the freeway when I wanted to overtake a truck. Dropped 3 cogs, and this sudden BARRRP sound was enticing.

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ther is a ecu for pretty much everything

gearbox ecu and engine ecu

then it also talks to a central ecu

tbh i dont think it'll be possible unless you replace number of ecus that are connected

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