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Hey Guys has any one had much experiance with Concave wheels, I am currently still looking at some wheels in the 19inch range.

I really like the look of the Vossen DEEP CONCAVE VVSCV1 and DEEP CONCAVE VVSCV2 .


In the pics the front dont look as if they go as Deep, is that for any reason or cosmetic, or simply cause they not as wide?

Any help or Ideas would be great.


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Those VVSCV1 in the half black look phenomenal, especially on the IS250C in the other gallery.. so much so that im not a little interested now.

I'm sure 19 x 8.5 up front would be fine (correct me if wrong), but would a 19 x 10 rim at the rear cause any issues with stock suspension? (legal issues?)

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Hi guys where can I purchase the Vossen cv3 in NSW? Ive been looking all over the internet but cant find any dealers in Syd any websites or shops you guys know how deals Vossen?


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I have the CV2's. have 20*9 Front 20x10.5 in the rear and if you run the 275 you have minimal clearance problems at stock height.

Ogkiko last I heard BBoss Wheels in Vic were the only authorised dealer in Aus, Built to Order in Sydney was considering getting them next year (Don't quote me 100%)

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