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Ct200H - How Important Is The Compliance Date?

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I need some opinions...

I have recently bought a brand new CT200h. I love it and feel great driving it around.

So this is my scenario:

I went into a local dealership in March 2012 and test drove the CT200h and fell in love with it immediately.

I then placed my deposit for a 2012 built CT200h (there was only 1 Pearl White in stock at that point), and a few days later I was told that the car has been sold. In return I was offered a 2011 built with a further discount of $1500 and the dealer assured me that despite the car being a 2011 built, it has a 2012 compliance date. My car was delivered early April 2012.

Last week, I happened to check on VicRoads and found that my car is 2011 built and is 12/2011 compliance.

Question now - would compliance date be very important factor when I try to re-sell my car in near future?

I made a complained to Lexus and dealer have came back saying that there will only be a few hundred dollars different.

They have now offered to pay for my 2nd service as a goodwill.

What do you think??

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Compliance date isn't important in terms of re-sell because people usually value the car by build date. If you were to sell a 2011 model compared to an 2012 (both 2nd hand) probably like 3 - 4k difference.

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