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I got my car (2007 IS250) serviced this week and the dealer called to tell me that I need new front brake pads + new front rotors + rear brake pads and also machine my rear rotors. All up the quote was $1200. I told the dealer to skip it for now. After reading this forum today, I thought it might be worthwhile to find out how much the OEM parts cost overseas. I prefer OEM setup because so far it has never let me down whenever I had to brake hard and I am reluctant to try anything different.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone know the part number for front/rear brake pads + rotors so i can search online websites?

2. Is the quote reasonable? I don't mind paying a 15-20% premium to Lexus dealers over other workshops but like all of us don't like to get ripped off. I saw few posts where other members have been quoted between $600 to $1200 to replace front rotors + pads but I find the quote hard to compare because I wasn't given an itemised quote.

For others who might stumble upon this post in future, below is a summary of my findings relating to brake pads + rotors after searching the forum today:

-Found OEM dust less brake pads part number: 4465-53030

-Found the following sites that sell OEM parts: http://www.amayama.com , http://www.pepboys.com/ , http://lexus.sewellparts.com/, http://www.lexuspartsnow.com/ and http://www.bmaparts.com

-A lot of members prefer after-market brake pads with rotors. Bendix with DBA slotted rotors seems to be a popular choice.

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Just for a piece of mind,

i think rotors are a couple of hundred a pair? and a pair of brakes pads shouldn't be much more than 120 AT MOST for OEM. You can get aftermarket rotors/pads for varying from 100-250 equal to or better quality than OEM, so i assume OEM shouldn't cost that much.

Maching would cost about 15-30.

My mate at volkswagen quoted me 15$ per rotor to be machined.

I actually am in need of a set of rotors+pads also, my mate at volkswagen will get me a quote, and i'll keep you posted about it, if you like :)

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I found a site to find OEM part numbers: www.toyodiy.com/parts/

I think my car is:


It'd be reassuring if someone please confirm that 2007 is250 auto sports luxury is GSE20R-AETLHW?

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Hey mate, well my setup for my front breaks is as planned.

The OEM brake pads are way too dusty, so i have chosen the

Bendix General CT disc pad set for $151.55 a pair

DBA disc brake rotors front for $136.55 each

But i think these are just a tad over priced so i'll get back to you with other quotes soon.

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I finally got the front rotors and pads changed today. Total cost inc gst was:

DBA standard rotors: $302

Ebc green front pair: $242

Labour: $132

All up $676 inc gst. They badly needed replacement and I wanted them before the long weekend, so I just paid whatever the repairer quoted.

P.s. Mac and Denis, Thanks for your help.

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