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  1. If you know the parts required, you can buy it from a wrecker. Much cheaper.
  2. Can anyone recommend a place to get this done in the Sydney metropolitan area?
  3. Wow how do you get it so high? What is your tank usage (km/100? ) do you use unleaded 95 or 98? I'm actually a really sedate driver. According to my car, I'm averaging 8.2litres / 100km city driving, although in reality it seems to be closer to 9 litres. I use 98 in summer and 95 in winter.
  4. I have 18" wheels and can easily do over 650km on a tank full of petrol travelling to and from work, with a few litres still left in the tank. In December last year, I drove from Sydney to Melbourne without the need to refill, until I reached Melbourne.
  5. I guess not many people compare prices. It's the same service at both dealerships, as it was the 45,000km log book service. And sadly, the $590 price was actually at my "regular" Lexus centre.
  6. I rang two dealerships for my 45k service. The first one gave me a price of $590, the second one $480 - BIG difference!!
  7. I re-encode my MP3s with AUDACITY before copying them onto a USB stick for my car. I have about 3000 songs in my car, and they all work.
  8. Hi dis-lex-sic - I've already organised it. What I will say is that it *IS* worthwhile asking several different dealers as their prices do vary.
  9. Reviving an old thread. So my factory warranty ends in a bit over 2 weeks time. Who do I contact for extended warranty? Does anyone have any particularly person/contact that they would recommend? Email address would be appreciated. I'm in the Sydney metro area. Thanks in advance.
  10. Aloc / Sydney City Meet #12

    What date do we need to confirm/RSVP by?
  11. Read what "Kurtz" has to say about that method in the following thread: Also here: Edit: A "full" transmission fluid change on the IS250 is 7.5 litres, and on the IS350 is 7.9 litres.
  12. You can't, unless you have a part that replaces the heat exchanger built into the side of the transmission - and this is very specialised equipment that had not even been developed until a couple of years ago. Google it. Edit: you can only change a little at a time, you can't change all the fluid with the abovementioned.