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Hi, all!

Just registered as a newbie, haha. I find this forum really helpful in giving advices and tips in relation the how to maintain Lexus cars. Oh i almost forgot, i am also a new owner of a 2007 Lexus IS250 X. My dad bought this car for my 18th birthday, and i couldn't be more happy with this car. Its absolutely amazing! Alright,i hope everyone have a lovely day.


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HAHA..my dad wasn't going to buy me a second hand is250, he was going to buy a brand new volkswagen jetta, he told me it was economical. I had to bag him cos its kinda my dream car. He told me how expensive the maintenance is, but i didn't care. Now i realised i have a lot of responsibility in keeping this car. I had to get a job just to pay for the petrol and servicing..its ridiculous considering me never worked before...

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The engine servicing costs are less than most people think, and there are low-cost options other than Lexus dealers if you really want (just search our forums for more details). The most noticeable difference from a non-luxury/non-performance car is your brake and tyre servicing, but the forums can help here (e.g. importing tyres and brake pad discounts).

I think the overall cost of ownership of a Lexus IS would be quite favourable, once you consider the DSG servicing costs of any VW.

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