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I'm wondering if someone can help me. I've recently purchased a 2005 IS250 with velour seats. The clothes dye seemed to have been staining the seats as it is gradually darkening :( . Could someone please tell me how to clean this or if there is any products I can use to revive the seats. Thank you!

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Hi Susie

The seats in the Lexus, if not leather, are alcantara, not velour.

Google "cleaning alcantara seats" and you will see a lot of links to car enthusiast sites that can help answer your question.

Hope that helps.

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Check out shop.finalinspection.com.au

I use their General Purpose Cleaner (GPC) and an Interior Microfibre Cleaning Cloth to clean suede/alcantara seats with great success.

I run my own detailing business so have tried just about everything and this is by far the best method.

Dip the cloth in warm water and wring it out so that it is as wet as a facewasher would be to wash your face, add 2-3 sprays of GPC directly to the cloth and lightly wipe the surface of the suede/alcantara being careful to not get it too wet. It will be better to lightly wipe and allow it to dry a little and repeat than to go heavy handed straight up.

Definitely don't spray any cleaner (GPC or other) directly on to the fabric surface or you will end up with a water/chemical mark/ring where it dries.

I don't like wet-shampooing these seats because they take forever to dry and it is very difficult to extract the waste from the material.

Hope this helps.

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