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White Smoke

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Ok I've got a huge problem with my Soarer.

At the moment its currently burning white smoke. I've had the turbos and the lines to it thoroughly check over (twice), turbos replaced and a compression test done and its still burning. Mechanics at this stage *believe* its a stem seal problem (which explains why the compression test came back as ok) which I believe to be the case but they won't know for certain until they pull the engine apart (which will cost $$$).

I don't have the $2-3k atm to repair it so I'm wondering what are my options are?

Can this job be done on the cheap? Eg. I buy the parts and have mates (who are qualified) to do the job? Or can it be done without pulling the entire engine out?


Can I still sell the car? Do I legally have to disclose this problem if I sell/trade it in?

I'm not trying to pull a dodge, I'm just trying to work out all my options here and understand what are my obligations. I've already spent well over $5k trying to get this car to a state I'm happy with it but so far I'm already stretched financially as it is.

- J.

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Hey there The Jake (or is it just Jake?!) My soarer is having what seems like the same kind of problem. When does it happen to you? Mine sometimes happens when i start the car up (maybe 3 out of 5 times) and when i go to take off from standing. I have been told that 1JZ's have a problem with the valve stem seals as they get a bit older.

Unfortunatly, i think the biggest problem will be finding the parts!

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If its extremely bad after de-accelerating down a hill, you could check you brake master cylinder, if your using fluid then its likely to be leaking out the rear seal and has filled your booster enough that its now sucking it back in.

Or I'm not sure if these cars have a vacuum modulator fitted to the transmission, does it use some auto fluid? It wouldn't need to be much to create lots of white smoke.

Engine oil usually has a blue colour to it, ATF and Brake fluid burn white, Brake fluid has a destinctive smell to it.

Just a few ideas that wont do you any harm to check and cheaper than valve stem seals.

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