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Hid Kit For Is200

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hey guys.. totally annoying part of buying a new car is having to learn all the small things again.. I have an 03 sports luxury is200 with the light leveling thing.. I want to install some hids because I got crap yellow bulbs ATM.. what. set do I go for.. d2r or hb4? links to eBay if possible..

thnx ;))

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hey mate, your going for low beam i guessing?

just pull the old bulb out and read on the side, also a little tip, 35watt-50watt or 100 watt doesnt make much difference its the lighting ie 4000k 60000k ect.

hosestly id go 35watt (low heat) 6000k- there the brightest without losing distance.

and from memory the bulbs needed are 8005 and 8006 or hb4 i cant remember which is for low and high though sorry :/

hope that helps some.

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