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Anyone In Melb W/ Sub And Amp Install?

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Hey guys, I've recently put a sub and amp in my car, but believe I've connected the loc, or low level converter wrong. Everything works find but my bass is really trashy sounding, and I have no midbass playing from the sub, and it's a bit distorted!

Is there anyone in melb that has done the install correctly? Or if there is anyone with info on how to go about connecting tr converter correctly?

If this helps, I've got the ML package!

Please someone help me lol !!

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Chris, instead of sorting it out yourself, why don't you take it to a pro? Go to anyone that's part of the CAM group - there are 21 indipendent CAM stores in Victoria: http://www.cam.net.au/car-audio-installation-cam-shop-finder/

Personally, I'm about to spend close to $4000 on my subwoofer upgrade.

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