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Motorshow 2012

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Piss poor performance from Lexus at this years motor show. Only 1 car on display, the blue LF-LC.

I was keen to check out the new GS and of course the IS given that i am looking to upgrade.

The stand is right next to the Infinity stand and is almost hidden. Infinity will give Lexus a good push to improve their interiors, they are impressive and the Lexus range is now starting to look dated. They are at a slight premium price wise to Lexus, but from first looks definitely seems to be justified.

Again, i can't emphasise enough how disappointed i was to see the lack of the Lexus stand.

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IMHO, it wasn't a bad approach. The LF-LC attracted so many people with cameras and video recorders - even more than the single Aston Martin on display, the Gotham. It should change the opinions of those who never previously wanted a Lexus. For those seriously considering a Lexus, they probably weren't at the show anyway,

The Infinitis looked better than I expected, although I would have to disagree about their interiors. The leather feels great, but many of the dash controls are mounted on a panel which is about 60 degrees from the vertical - that is, close to horizontal. That makes the buttons harder to find at a glance. Have you ever seen a plane cockpit like that? The Bose audio is nice, but not mind-blowing. The surround accuracy is vague, and the bass lacks depth on everything except classical music (granted, a criticism of Mark Levison audio too). The vibration on the floor with the volume up makes you feel that the cars are, in the end, just Nissans. In fact, a Maxima can feel more luxurious, if boring.

Overall, the motor show is a disappointment, with many manufacturers failing to capitalise on the marketing opportunity. With such little competition, the Lexus could still take out best in show, even without the LF-CC compact coupe concept making an appearance.

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I'd be interested to hear what Lexus' idea was behind not having the usual stand. Given with the facelifted RX & new GS, it just doesn't make sense to not make an appearance.

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