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  1. Yes this is an issue. But one thing that you need to remember is that mobile technology and tech in general is progressing so fast and it appears that most of the motoring world is not keeping up, or so it would appear. The 3IS models with the Enform platform is 4-5 years old now, and while the idea of sending a location to your car and finding fuel was a nice idea 4 years ago, in today's world, it is an embarrassment to Lexus in comparison to today's tech. Toyota/Lexus have said for years that they are staying away from Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and it appears they are develo
  2. Does anyone know if and where you can buy the latest Micro SD nav? Currently running version 25-33-14 (2013-01-01). What is the latest version?
  3. I ended up going the Bridgestone RE003. A far superior tyre than the stock tyres and much more stable in the wet. I'd highly recommend! They were hard to find the stock and sizing, but I persevered. The wear has been pretty good the past 10-11 months. I'll be getting the same again next time around. Don't buy from Lexus, better off shopping around for a deal and you'll save around $500. I'd also suggest getting a 2nd opinion, sub 30000km seems light on considering I got 60000km
  4. I am now in my 9th year as a Lexus owner and have a difficult choice to make, my parents were Lexus owners for a long time also (RX300, IS200, IS300) which makes all the more difficult given the loyalty of the last 2 decades. I'll be looking to upgrade sometime in the next 12 months. In my time, I have had IS250X and now IS350 F Sport which are both great cars, but naturally, you always want or need 'more'! Power of course, in which the jump from 250 to 350 was great and good fun, it still is, but I'm starting to find that I need that next level. And this is where my problem lies. Wh
  5. Due for replacement tyres after stock Bridgestone ER33, was a good tyre, lasted 60000km. Thinking either direct replacement of same or Bridgestone Potenza RE003, more of a performance tyre but concerned will wear quicker. Current 4th tyre free offer is enticing (around $900 for all fitted) What other options should I consider? I don't need a pure performance tyre but don't want an economy tyre either (mid-on range).
  6. I didn't notice the rear steer and couldn't compare cos I didn't drive my car on the track. Best comparison would be to do a normal road drive with the RC. I asked for one as loan car for service, no luck. After all, who really drives these cars on a track (other than Danny)? I'm not in the market for a 2 door car (2 kids) yet, maybe in 5 years or so, we'll see.
  7. I was one of the fortunate Lexus owners to attend the RC-F track day earlier this week (Tuesday / AM session). In summary, we were each presented with the opportunity to drive an ISF, RC350 F Sport & NX 300H (not sure about a Hybrid at a track day, but anyway). I personally haven't experienced a track drive before and was super excited. The NX was a waste of time, comfortable, but not suited for the track (obviously); the RC350 was a familiar ride to my IS350 FSport and was a pleasure to throw around the corners and hit 190km/h in the straight and the ISF, just wow. Next up... the RC-F.
  8. I doubt that to be the case in sports+ mode. I see the 2IS in between the 3IS normal and sports mode.
  9. Hi, nice choice on car. I get around 5-600km per tank, but totally depends on how I drive it. Also when do you fill up, completely empty, 1/4 or 1/2 empty? For the past 12 monhts I have averaged 10.5lt/100km, that's half freeway/city driving.
  10. Update: after opening the car with the key (remove from fob), i can hear a ticking noise behind the dash. It sounds as though it is coming from the sliding dial or that general area. Update 2: NRMA has just tested and replaced the battery. It turned out as a faulty battery and failed multiple tests.
  11. I have just had to call roadside assistance again for the 2nd time in the last 6 months due to a battery issue. The first time, about 1 month after having the car brand new, the battery was completely dead and was replaced. Luckily the doors were unlocked. The second time, I've gone to open the car with the remote and no response and the doors are locked. Has anyone else with the 3IS found a similar issue? What could be draining the battery so much?
  12. Dealers have now said not available until early next year. Which now means it has been pushed back originally from September to Q4 to now early next year, and gives me no confidence it will even happen early next year.
  13. It's all in the driving modes people. After driving my 3IS daily for the past 4 months, I found that it is all in the drive modes. When the Normal mode is selected, it's a standard car off the mark with a bit of lag, but that feels deliberate. Eco is even slower and on a freeway wants to hold 8th gear longer. But it's a beautiful mode cruising on the freeway. When Sports mode is selected it pounces off the line and, I think, blows the 2IS away. It's all in the driving modes people!!!
  14. Yep double sided tape and automotive grade adhesive. Just make sure you have still hands and line it up absolutely perfect, once its down, it will be near impossible to move. I had mine on for 3-4 years and never moved. Post ur pics when done
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