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Sydney Service Centre Or Mechanic For Is300

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Hi guys.

Sorry if this has already been asked before, but I haven't found any info on this on the first 7 pages of the forum.

I have a 2005 Lexus IS300 and need to do a 120,000kms service. Previously I was taking it to Sydney City Lexus for maintenance, but they are very expensive (my last bill was around $1,800) and a couple of friends had quite a bad experience with those guys recently.

Can anyone recommend a good service centre or mechanic in Sydney who would be used to working with the specific model and know what they're doing, and would preferably be able to install/replace original parts cheaper than the dealers? I need to replace a broken headlamp washer and possibly also the front shock absorbers, but I'd prefer to keep it OEM.

Appreciate your help!

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Hey mate, I too have an IS300 which just recently undertook a major 150k service... Lexus told me $1600 for this service plus an extra 300 something for the oil change etc.. Canned that and got my mate who works at supercheap auto and got me all the parts necessary for this service, got it done by a family friend mechanic at ALL DISTRICT at Gladesvile (Sydney) and saved myself a few hundred dollars. As for shocks, TOKICO make probably the best OEM replacements for our cars for the money and you can buy them off eBay delivered from and AUS supplier. The guys name at the workshop is Gary and if you decide to go there, say that Adam Kulary sent you and he may do you a better price.

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