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Extended Factory Warranty

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Has anyone purchased one, or obtained a quote ?

I was quoted a price for a 3yr/100k warranty, and almost burst out laughing when I heard the amount. I was expecting a couple of hundred dollars, not thousands. An awful lot to pay for a cup of coffee and a car to use for a few hours while your car is being serviced.

I also do not like several terms and conditions in the PDS - basically, you need to obtain approval to repair/replace any warranty item during the term, and the warranty is not transferrable unless you sell your car prviately and you obtain their approval beforehand.

No thanks.

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When I picked up my RX 350 in August last year (2012), I had the balance of the 4 year warranty, plus a further 3 year extended warranty tied to the dealership. This was a special they were doing at the time; and furthermore, I have yet to do my first service yet and it also comes with up to 60,000 KM FREE servicing.

I had to at one point sign an insurance form when they had to reprogram a second key to the vehicle at their own cost and expense as they were the ones' that lost the second key in the first place.

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I have had friends who have had exteneded warranty and it covers everything as if its a brand new factory warranty. Mine is out of warranty and i still get a service car everytime my car is in for a service..

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Don't get one from National Warranty , I took out a 3 year extended Warranty from them on a 1999 ES 300 , about 2 years into the Warranty I broke down , it turned out to be a fuel pump problem and had to get a new fuel pump , which was covered under my Warranty , but National refused to cough up for it , not a red cent , you can only talk to them on the phone at the call centre in Traralgon Victoria , you cannot physically speak to an employee face to face , although I had my car serviced on time every time and all of the paperwork for the claim for the pump they refused my claim , I didn't get my paper work back , I found out later after talking to a few people , I'm not the first that this has happened to , so beware of this company , they are Australia wide and you might be covered by them without realising it . Oh the Warranty was over $800 and the new fuel pump was $1200

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