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  1. Thanks for the info Nathan , after taking the new rotors off that the mechanic installed for the roadworthy ( he didn't clean the grease off where they sit on the wheel hub and were not aligned properly , dirt on the grease ) and putting new disc pads all round it now drives perfect , I still have my LS400 and our RX350 SL , I'm afraid i would never buy another brand of car after driving lexus for over 10 years , we had an ES300 1999 model which was "T" boned by a sheila in a VW talking on her moblie phone , all of our air bags went off and were not hurt at all , none of the airbags in the VW went off ( which was the main reason she bought the car ) I might look around for another earlier SC430 as a project car , regards Murray
  2. Yeah it was the one in Sydney 88,000 kms on it compliance plate say's Aug 2008 , it wasn't quite as stick as the dealer said it was , I have spent prob $1000 getting it roadworthy , the front brake discs were undersize , the Pirelli tyres were scrubbed out on the inside so I put Toyo C1S on it and had a back and front wheel alignment done with minimum caster , now it is registered and drives real nice , my wife is a happy driver
  3. I purchased this 2008 SC430 for my wife for mothers day 2018
  4. Hi , I replaced the DVD screen on my wife's 2008 RX350 today , got the screen off eBay for $20 in China , it took about 1/2 a day to replace but everything went smoothly and worked first up , the old screen had a crack in it from when we purchased the car and couldn't adjust the heater/a/con or use the navigation , I thought i would post this in case anyone else had a screen problem on any Lexus really
  5. Thanks for your reply Mac , I may have to alter a haymon reece off another model car , I need a 50mm square tounge for a wheelchair carrier , I'm looking around for a tow bar I don't have to alter too much , best regards Murray
  6. Hello , anyone have a LS400 tow bar for sale to suit a 1995 model , thanks
  7. Hello everyone I don't know whether this has been posted before , but I wish to know the correct sequence of bleeding the ABS block , I have just put on a full set of pads and have bled the system and also flushed it through with Penrite 4 dot fluid and the brakes are still spongy , with no motor running the pedal is hard and and seems too be alright , but when the motor is running the pedal goes nearly to the floor , the car stops no problem and the brakes pull it up good but I suspect air in the ABS block , I saw somewhere about operating the brake ABS relay which operates the pump which allows you to bleed the ABS block , anybody done this , regards Murray something similar to this video
  8. Don't get one from National Warranty , I took out a 3 year extended Warranty from them on a 1999 ES 300 , about 2 years into the Warranty I broke down , it turned out to be a fuel pump problem and had to get a new fuel pump , which was covered under my Warranty , but National refused to cough up for it , not a red cent , you can only talk to them on the phone at the call centre in Traralgon Victoria , you cannot physically speak to an employee face to face , although I had my car serviced on time every time and all of the paperwork for the claim for the pump they refused my claim , I didn't get my paper work back , I found out later after talking to a few people , I'm not the first that this has happened to , so beware of this company , they are Australia wide and you might be covered by them without realising it . Oh the Warranty was over $800 and the new fuel pump was $1200
  9. For those people interested , the problem turned out to be the Crank angle sensor , apearentely these sensors are very sensitive when you disturb them , even taking the wire off them can make them RS , anyway $215 for the sensor on top of the timing belt kit and labour a total of $1604 the car is running like a charm .