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Is300 Headlights Into Is200

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Hey guys new to the forums. I've got a is200 which I've had for a while now, just recently I hit a dog and it smashed my lhs headlights fog light and bumper:( anyways I could nt find any 200 headlights so I brought some is300 ones from USA. I've been looking on the net and some ppl say they fit an some don't, has anyone on here done the swap? If you've got any pictures and advice that would b great thanks:

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Yes and no. The USDM have different front and rear bars with the indicators / reflectors in them and the bar size is more pronounced to support the US 5 mph bumper regulations.

The headlights are physically the same size and will fit, however I believe the angle of the lights will be slightly different (when you dip your high beams they should angle down and AWAY from traffic, so US lights will angle down AND TOWARDS traffic).

The IS300 gets HID lights so you need to ensure you have complete lights with ballasts. Also some AU laws require all cars with HID's to have water squirters and auto-levelling (I know Vic does). This is why the AU IS300 has the squirters while the US model doesn't. Of course, you can always change the lights back from HID to non, but the HID's are far superior...

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