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Driver's Side Mirror Angle

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I recently bought a 2007 RX350 and I am having a strange issue where I have adjusted the driver's side mirror all the way to the right (out) but it is still not far enough for me to have a good view of the right side lane. About 3 quarters of it is showing the side of the car while only a quarter is showing the road and I can actually see myself in it if i just move my head slightly to the right so it definitely doesn't seem right.

I tried pushing it further it by hand but it is already as far as it would go. Then I thought the actual body of the mirror itself is folded in a bit which could be causing this but i checked it and it is aligned perfectly with the bracket that is holding it to the car so I have no idea what the problem is.

Has anyone had any similar problem with the driver's side mirror angle?

Could someone please try adjusting their driver's side mirror all the way to the right (out) and let me if it can actually go out enough so that you no longer see the side of the car at all?

A couple more issues I noticed about this mirror are:

  • It does not adjust automatically with the memory settings
  • The auto folding doesn't work for it


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G'day Tony

Mine has an enormous range of movement - from seeing almost the whole side of the car to seeing none of it. Sounds like yours needs some attention :(


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Hey Paul, thanks for the reply mate. I think i'll take it to Lexus to check it out coz i really have no idea what the problem could be.

Can i ask you another question, I'm seeing different behaviour on the other side's mirror: when i hold the button to adjust it all the way in any direction it doesn't just stop when it gets to the end but keeps kind of flickering. The driver's side one with the first problem doesn't do that. Do any of ur ones do that?

Thanks again.

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I think it's pretty normal for them to click when they reach the end of their travel - it's a way of preventing the motors burning out or the gears stripping, I think. I've seen it on other cars too. If yours doesn't do that, together with the other symptoms you describe, then I think it's time to get it serviced.

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