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Front Parking Sensor

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Hey everyone,

Just bought a 2012 Rx350, Sports Luxury and i'm noticing something slightly annoying, not sure if i'm just a newbie that can't figure it out.... or if anyone's done any mods to counter this issue.....

My issue is that with parking sensors on the 2012 model, there's front corner, rear corner and rear center.... but no front center!?!?!

I'm a little surprised that this is missing? Or is there an option that i haven't activated? Has anyone done any mods to get front center sensors included/installed? I'm even thinking of somehow getting the front corner ones moved to the front center....

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Yeah, the 2013 model now includes front center sensors....

Im surprised that I haven't been able find any other posts online of people who might want this feature.

Anyone know if there's a mod or aftermarket way to obtain front center sensors?

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hmmmmm... i know some might not want the sensors, but i think that most cars have the option....

anyone recommend any way to modify and integrate with existing system?

Anyone been creative enough to think of innovative ways to get front sensors?

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