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First Time Lexus Owner


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Hi All

I am Marcus from Melbourne, Vic. I am the proud owner of 2009 IS 250.

I bought it as a replacement to my Aurion that got written off by a careless/stupid driver (speeding the wrong way down a one way street!).

I looked at Lexus because I wanted to go upmarket but wasnt ready for the jump to a European marque, plus my Toyota never gave me any issues and was a good ownership experience for me, being the first new car I bought after graduating uni. I figured Lexus would give me the same experience!

After a little looking, I finally stumbled across this beauty at an auction that was in the colour, trim and spec I wanted. Being from an auction there are a few little scratches and one tiny dent in the boot, plus a bit of gutter rash, havent done anything about them yet - any recommendations? No plans for mods - I am going to enjoy it as it is for now.

Loving the car, it handles like a dream compared to the Aurion lol, and the leather is so soft and comfortable, its just the little things about Lexus that sets it apart.



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Hey Marcus,

Welcome to the club!! Congratulations on the purchase! Great colour choice as well :D (i'm not biased just because I have the same colour....)

Depending on how bad the gutter rash is, you could look into having someone repair them. Not sure who can do it down in Melbourne. The other option is to get some new rims.

Have fun trying to keep this car clean, not as bad as a black car though. If the scratches aren't that deep then maybe using the Meguirs Scratch-X 2.0 may get them out with a bit of elbow grease. Otherwise a rotary buffer and some cutting compound should get them out easily enough and make the car look brand new again.

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Thanks, I will look into them. I found a few places here that will do gutter rash repairs, but I dont know which one is good or not.

Keeping the car clean it the biggest challenge so far! I used to take my Aurion to a car wash service once every few months, but I think I have taken the Lexus there so many times I am running out of coupons and have to resort to washing it myself lol

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Hi and Welcome. Lovely car you have, trim and colour seem to be great combo.

Just a question, when you take the lexus to the Car Wash, do you use the soap/broom? Or are you talking about the auto-laser washes?

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Thanks, I usually take it to a hand car wash place near me. They do a decent enough job. But when I wash myself I take it to a soap/broom place, I dont use the broom most times, just the high pressure hose and the rest by hand. Not a fan of the auto washes, I find they dont get everything off.

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