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Off To Japan!


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Hi there fellow isf lovers.

There is a possibility I will be going to Japan later this year and I was hoping to bring back some sweet souvenirs back for my isf. Does anyone know where would be a good place to look for parts etc in Japan?


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Pardon my ignorance, but what is "Mega Web"??

Toyota/Lexus heaven


MEGA WEB is a theme park where visitors can “see, ride, and feel.”

There are three pavilions designed to experience each theme showcasing cars.

The TOYOTA CITY SHOWCASE is where Toyota’s new models debut first. Take a test-ride and learn about Toyota’s initiatives in the fields of hybrids, safety, and the environment.

The TOYOTA UNIVERSAL DESIGN SHOWCASE displays cars with universal design and their commercial goods.

Enjoy an experience of personal mobility and other future technologies here.

Don't miss the LEXUS gallery.

The HISTORY GARAGE exhibits historic cars from Toyota and other makes around the world.

We have events in every Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

Enjoy this car theme park with family and friends.

English- and Chinese-speaking staff members are available to help you if you need translation service during your tour.

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You think the price of a novel exhaust is outrageous I just stumbled upon this:


Old news I know but holy crap man would you pay this much for trd parts??

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