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I'm getting a grinding / juddering coming from the RH-Rear of the car which I figure is an ABS related issue (because it doesn't happen with "Track-Off" activated.

I swapped the ABS sensor assembly on the car with a spare assy. I had lying around and it still makes the grinding sound; so I figured the ABS ring / Reluctor / Tone ring etc might be damaged / dirty.

I have checked the ABS Rotor and can't find anything wrong with that either; the ring is undamaged and only had minor dirt / grease on it which I cleaned - but I'm still getting that noise.

My local Mechanic said that he doesn't have the Codes so I have to go to Lexus.

Can anyone tell me what sort of costs are involved in this type of Diagnostic or whether I can source these Codes / do diagnosis myself?

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OK. . .? So I take it people are generally happy to pay for a Lexus Dealer diagnosis? No matter, I've taken a punt and ordered an OBD scanner off eBay. . .

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