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Hi all didn't realise the site was back up been a while but i'm back, hope all are good.

Frylai, i take it your still the guy to speak to on getting things!!!

My lex was badged last night, and i thought i would take the oppurtunity to buy a new grille, (every cloud has a silver lining).

Please let me know if you can get TRD grilles or any other mesh style grill, and current prices.


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I have a couple of questions regarding some mods i am thinking of doing to my IS 200.

I am thinking of finaly getting a intake, exhaust and piggy back ecu mod done.

This is the current thinking - :D

Intake: Toms Super Ram II

Cat back Exhaust: Trust Power Extreme II

Cat: AVO hiflow cat to suit piping. (Cats are required in Aus)

Piggy back ECU: Apexi S-AFC II

from reading the forums, i should epect to gain 15Kw's at the fly from these mods, Is this correct? ;)

Also Frylai can you price the filter for me? :rolleyes:

Can someone exlplain how i could benefit from a Prolex vented radiator panel, and doe this fit the IS200 :huh:

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