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[Qld] Driver Training Day

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Hello fellow Lexus owners! I attended an event held by Roadcraft, a company that specializes in driver training up in Gympie, QLD. It was a bit of a drive and an early start (had to be there by 7.45am, a 2hr drive from Brisbane!). However, it was worth it. I had a ball of a time, and I learnt a lot about how to control my ISF properly. One of the instructors took my car and showed me what was possible:

We did a lot of controlled slides, as well as some agility training. I've got newfound respect for my car and realised that to get the full potential from my car, I need to learn how to drive it properly.

I've got a lot of practicing to do, so I was wondering if anyone here was interested in attending an ALOC driver training day up at their skid pan. The cost was $130 for the day which ran from 8am - 3.30pm, lunch and drinks included. Whether you have a IS250, IS350, ISF, GS, etc. I'm sure you will find the sessions both fun and educational.

Please let me know by replying in this thread if you are interested. Once I get a number of interested people, I'll let them know and see what dates they have available for us. It will most likely be in late June or July.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated to Roadcraft nor am I receiving any commission or benefit from them.

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Next available date is Saturday, 1 June. Spots will only be held once payment clears. Donald, if you are ok with that date, PM me your email address and I will forward the entry forms to you. You will also need a CTP rally extension form (free if you are with Suncorp, others usually charge $10).

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