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My Ls 400 + My Other Love!

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Hi Guys, new member here from melbourne, I just got myself an LS400 and am in love, it is so awesome!,

but first up, let me introduce my other car, and then the lexus, it'll flow better that way!

my other car is an R31 skyline, ti, with an RB25det neo, and built automatic, its had a few sets of wheels, my favs were

the BBS's
they looked awesome, but the car was soooo hard to drive, so I decided to go a bit more ground clearance and went for some 17's
but I just sold those wheels as well, got the car tuned and it made 273 rwkw, but overheated the auto, so I bought a manualised 3 speed jatco, with transbrake and 3800 convertor, the wheels we're sold to aid that purchase, and to also make way for some bigger rubber so I can actually feel the amount of power it makes, cause ATM its just wheelspin.
heres a dyno vid, purely for the sound!
but all of that is coming to a grinding halt because of...........
the new mate daily, LS 400.
Reason why I wanted one is so when I see clients it looks like I will offer them a service, and not stab them or ask if I can score (my old civic was a bit seedy in this way)
so these are the most bang for buck luxo barge around, and it looks respectable,
I didn't want to spend a fortune, as the business needs the money more than the car, so I wanted to go as cheap as possible.
this thing came up on e bay, no reserve, and was slowly creeping up during the week, anything under 2k for these is a steal and I would buy regardless, (has a few issues, but nothing that can't be easily sorted)
its a little rough, but whatevs, looks a million times better than old mate civic, runs awesome, has an exhaust, has rego till august, bloke gave me some 20's with it as well,
needs a few little things adressed, power steering is pretty heavy, and the climate control worked intimitantly, but a few days work and it'll be bangin
must have been some lebo blokes project, or exhibits old car, as it has 4 screens in it, and some mega double din headunit, old mate even has the leads for a PS2 in it still hahah
chilin next to oldest mate, I fixed a few common probs with the power steering, better but not 1 finger steering like it should be
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Pt 2 cause I posted too many pics LOL

HEKTIK, funnilly enough this and the 31 have originally had brown interiors, and someone has seen fit to make them black
probs the best feature ever!
plans are just coils and some 19's, baller!
i love it, it is the smoothest car I have ever been in, the motor is retardedly good, it just rocks, maddest cruiser ever!
I still can't get over how cool it is to drive, so the 31 is on the backburner for however long, just cause mods that I do to this (stereo, wheels, coils etc....) won't result in the car being on the knife edge of driving and braking!
am also going to convert the interior back to brown, as i love OEM stuff!
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and PT 3

and more recently
and in an effort to get it roadworth, this is where I'm at!
attempeted to get rid of this power steering problem, i'm guessing this problem will be a bit tougher to get rid off than I think

anyway, besides that, it drives amazing!
so I gave it some love in preparation for RWC

and blocked up this bugger on the PS pump, was leaking but the steering is still tight as!

never mind about that stuff though, cause I bought some 19's for it, heres how they sit

this is the high life!

pretty happy with where they sit!

can't wait to get it sitting like this!

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Nice looking car,l have a 1996 LS400,I have added 18inch wheels,chrome tail pipes,reverse sensors,parrot Bluetooth hand free kit,tinting,also clear blinker lenses which really updates the car.What l am after now is side clear blinker lenses,lf anyone knows we here l casn get these from it would be greatly appreciated.

Regards alphpapa57

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