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So due to me having red p plates on my car it has come across some very nasty events in the year i have had it. cars opening their doors (quite hard may i add) into the car, key scratches down a whole side, front and back bumper having paint taken off them by some idiot who cant park or when they were coming out turned to early and made contact, and more but just stupid stuff really. Iv'e just been thinking, has anybody had any experience with repainting their car (original colour) and how much it cost them. If in Melbourne where they got it done and how well the job was done would be appreciated. Im not thinking of getting it repainted just yet seeing as it will just happen again but when it comes to the day i pass this beautiful car onto someone else, i want it to be in good condition so will look into getting it repainted. any help would be greatly appreciated

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Just a bumper bar costs around 500 - I'm guessing this would be around 2-3K for all exterior panels only.

I did think about this option once for my previous car, but people in the know advised me against this - it's costly and usually you'd not end up doing the interior bits and it'll look mismatched.

A good cut and polish (either DIY or by a professional) will do the job much better and results will be in-line with the age of the car. At max probably get a scratch repair done from a pro along with their cut/polish package to get a good deal.

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There are a few companies around that offer full repaints for $799. But that doesn't include doorjams, etc, and also doesn't cover body repairs.

I'd try a few of the smaller panelbeaters, but say it's not a high priority as they will give you a better price than an immediate job.

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