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Are they definitely 4300K ?

According to chart from this seller 4300 is yellow ? When I look at the front of my car of existing light it definitely does not look yellow ! I just don't want to open up driver side light ... it seems quite tricky to remove light bulb on this side.


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They're definitely 4300k (if stock), when you initially turn them on they do appear white/slightly blue but after they're warmed up they're less white and have the slightest yellowing.

6000k is pure white with a blue tinge after they've warmed up, they do look nice but you'll have to compromise ~20% light output when compared with 4300k.

The headlights are tricky to get into, I tried changing the parker bulbs and it was such a pain.

Be a bit wary with philips on eBay as they're one of the most faked bulbs.

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you would be better off buying a pair as not all HID come out perfectly the same unless made at the same time same place same material etc etc etc

You will probably find if you buy one it will look different to the existing one still working.

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