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I wouldn't recommend using any rotary applicator - these usually cause swirl marks in the first place.

Car washes typically use them and I've spent a lot of time on my previous car trying to remove the swirls.

I used Zaino Z2 & Z5 and hours to get them removed. The polish needs to go vertical on doors and horizontal on roof, hood & boot.

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A Dual Action Polisher is different to rotary, it is almost impossible to cause additional swirl marks using a DA.

Good thing about the DA system is Meguiars have developed a wide range of compounds, polishes and pads specially designed for use on DA.

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There's a good write up at


Seems like these do a good job, however it still doesn't do vertical or horizontal lines which is what you'd want for a sealant application. There'll always be some rotary type action due to the nature of the mechanism.

Frank is correct though, they're unlikely to cause additional swirls.

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